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Coaching & Counselling

Inspiring & life-transforming sessions using a heart-centred approach

Sorry, coaching/counselling is not currently available, except for existing and previous clients 


About the Life


In-Person Sessions 

North Essex, UK


Sessions using your device, Worldwide

About Life Coaching/Counselling
About the Life Coaching/Counselling

Coach/Counsellor - Peter Granger

Approach- The methods used in the life and relationship coaching/counselling recognise the central importance of the heart in forming and maintaining successful and happy relationships. Based on innovative scientific research, the coach/counsellor works with clients either locally in the UK or remotely using the internet to help them open their hearts in a natural way that develops self- knowledge and esteem and builds much stronger and more successful relationships. Central to the approach is a recognition that emotional and relationship problems are caused by a psychological separation personally, from other people and from the world at large. Clients are encouraged to reconnect in all areas of their life, particularly using the power of the heart to bring more love to difficult or challenging situations. At no extra cost, clients can also opt to use the Heart Bond app to accelerate their learning, facilitate psychological healing and improve levels of bonding when applied to couples.

StylePeter has a gentle, supportive style which sets clients at ease and helps them to feel safe in addressing any challenging issues that they might be facing. Through a willingness to face these issues, clients learn that an open, loving heart can bring healing and resolution to any problem. A critical benefit of a heart-centred approach to life is the sense of power it gives us to help not just ourselves but also other people who might be suffering. Peter therefore encourages his clients to step into a position of accountability and leadership in their relationships and to use this to bring meaningful changes to their life, the people around them and the world at large

Typical Issues

Relationship Problems
Emotional Issues

Stress and Burnout


Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Shyness & Self Confidence

Those Seeking a New Direction or Purpose in Life

Dating Issues - e.g. Difficulty Finding a Partner

Problems with Children

Anger Management

Lack of Energy or Enthusiasm

Searching for more Meaning in Life - psychological or spiritual

Work Issues

About the Coach    Peter's Biography

Peter studied geophysics at university and then became a seismologist in the oil and gas exploration industry. After working for a seismic contractor he moved to BP to work as a review geophysicist. This culminated in the discovery of a major oil field off the West of the Shetlands Isles, UK in 1990.

He left BP in 1992 to set up a technical training company teaching oil and gas exploration. Around this time he became fascinated by human creativity and developed a training workshop to help businesses champion and benefit from creativity and innovation. He delivered this successfully to several different sectors of commerce and industry.

The creativity work led to a deeper interest in psychology, and after a challenging period where his marriage failed, he decided to re-train as a counsellor and relationship coach. Peter trained for many years with the Psychology of Vision organisation and for a while become one of their trainers.  As he began to understand his own psychology and the reasons that relationships can struggle and break-down, he decided to share his learning by building a self-help website, writing a couple of books and setting up a life and relationship coaching business.

During his work with clients, and from his own experiences, he had noticed that there is often a physiological change in people when they have an emotional healing episode. He therefore set out to try and measure these effects and this has now become a major research project studying heart rate variability synchronisation in loving relationships. This research has confirmed that our hearts tend to connect and communicate in loving relationships both locally, and at a distance. Peter is now collaborating with another research group to further explore these extraordinary effects and develop a smart-phone app that will allow anyone to experience heart-to-heart connection. He is also developing a new therapeutic method based on these discoveries.

Peter is perhaps unusual to have had a scientific background as well as a deep understanding of human relationships and emotions through his training and coaching experience. This has allowed him to integrate both the mind and the heart into his work. Peter takes a truly holistic approach to coaching and offers clients the opportunity to explore the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Peter lives in the historic market town of Great Dunmow, Essex, England. He is married with two sons and four step-children and a very muddy golden retriever! He loves art, culture, nature, drawing and painting and the great outdoors.     

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Client Feedback

"I just want to thank you for unlocking in me a new way of thinking, that has helped me get through recent and past events, and helped me to re-think and also re-structure my life. This has had a knock on effect in my work and relationships, and has given me insight into how the world works. This is an incredible life tool, and I have only just touched on this and feel so much more connected with life. "
Richard R. 

"Peter's work is truly inspirational. He works with the utmost empathy and integrity. I have no hesitation in recommending his skills as a life coach/facilitator to any organisation or individual looking for inspiration."
Barbara H

In-Person Sessions

Peter offers in-person sessions for individuals or couples at his office in Great Dunmow, Essex, UK (CM6 1LH). Face-to-face sessions offer the most powerful interaction and have the advantage of being able to use the Heart Bond app to learn about and practice heart-connection.

Sessions are available during office hours (9am to 5pm) and also during evenings and weekends by prior arrangement. Sessions last one hour.

Fees: 1 x 1 hour session =£50 UK or package of 5 x 1 hour Session = £200

To arrange a session please email us below. 

Catchment area - Great Dunmow, Chelmsford, Colchester, Bishops's Stortford, Thaxted, Saffron Walden, Takeley, Little Canfield, Braintree.

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Remote Sessions on your Computer Device or Phone

Peter offers remote sessions using a computer device of your choice, or on the phone if you prefer. Either Skype or Facebook Messenger can be used. If the phone is used Clients are required to pay for call.

Sessions are available during UK office hours (9am to 5pm) and also during evenings and weekends by prior arrangement.

Fees: 1 x 1 hour session =£50 UK or package of 5 x 1 hour Session = £200

To arrange a session please email us below. 

To arrange a remote session please email us below. 


Sorry, coaching/counselling is not currently available, except for existing and previous clients 

Please book a session or package via email before payment

Terms & Conditions - By booking and paying for a session clients agree to the following terms & conditions:


1. Phone clients are required to ring or start a video session with the coach/counsellor - telephone number or video call address will be provided once a session has been booked. All costs for telephone and electronic communication are to be borne by the client.

2. Sessions must start and finish at booked times due to commitments to other clients. At least 24-hours notice must be given to postpone or cancel a session otherwise fee will not be refunded.

3. Legal Disclaimer: All advice is given in good faith in the hope that it it will help clients solve their emotional and relationship problems. The website owners cannot be held responsible for any problems that might be caused by the application of this advice.

4. If you are concerned about any serious psychological or emotional issues, we recommend that you see a suitably qualified medical/psychological practitioner or your GP.

5. Privacy - The coach/counsellor will ask for and record personal details such as name, email address, home address and telephone number from the client in order to maintain contact with them in event of illness or unavailability of coach/counsellor and to fulfil insurance obligations. Client notes will be taken during and after sessions to facilitate a professional service and to fulfil insurance obligations. These notes as well as personal details are held in a locked cabinet. Email address are held on a password-protected computer.

6. Confidentiality - All information passed during a coaching/counselling session is held in confidence by the coach/counsellor. Information will only be passed to a third-party with the express permission of the client, except in cases where the coach./counsellor believes a law has been broken.

7. Payment - Sessions must be paid for prior to their starting using PayPal or bank transfer, or in the case of cash payments, at the time of the session. All multi-session packages must be paid in full at the time of booking and cannot be refunded once the sessions have begun, excepting in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the coach/counsellor. 

8. In taking part in a coaching/counselling session the client agrees to these terms and conditions.

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