The discovery of heart connection brings with it profound
implications for humankind
Our sense of self will change

Once we accept that we are connected to other people through our hearts, we can never again feel we are alone and isolated. The belief that we are independent and separate will be shattered and replaced by a sense of loving connection. We will feel immensely powerful and know that our love can heal all problems and suffering. Providing we can maintain the loving heart connection we will become happier and more fulfilled (see Get Involved).


It will challenge the way we think, feel and behave

If our hearts have an awareness of love or its absence, we will become mindful of each and every thought or feeling, particularly if they are negative and judge or attack others. It will become clear that we need to be totally accountable for all our thoughts, feelings and behaviours because at some level of our consciousness they are being communicated to the people around us or at a distance.


It will help us understand consciousness

It is commonly assumed that consciousness is something that comes from our brains, rather like a thought. If we can show that consciousness is in fact the connectedness of the Universe and that love is something we experience when we close the separation between us and others then a new model for consciousness can emerge. This will be one that has consciousness (pure awareness) as our primary experience and the material as secondary. For more information on the so called nondual model of consciousness go to


Our relationships will improve

As we appreciate and accept that our hearts are connected and can communicate even across vast distances we will approach our relationships with a new-found confidence because we will know that our love is felt by the people that we focus on. We will also be mindful that others may be loving us, so we will learn to receive their love.


To learn how to apply an open, connected heart to improving your relationships have a look at our other website


It will increase empathy and compassion

As we feel more connected, we will know that all our suffering comes from feeling we are separate from others and the world at large. This will help us to appreciate the suffering of other people and reach out to them with compassion and love through our open hearts. This will have a transformative effect on the quality of our relationships.


It will challenge our understanding of psychology

The majority of psychological experiments and models assume that we can only communicate with the five physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, small and taste. If it is proven that we can also sense love, in close proximity or at a distance and that it changes our thoughts and feelings, then the results and conclusions of most psychological research will need to be reconsidered. A new 'connected' psychology would emerge.


Heart-based living will become the norm

The world is currently dominated by a scientific materialist paradigm. In other words we understand the Universe as a series of independent material objects that we are reactive to - both people and things. With such a belief we value the mind and thinking as the highest form of intelligence and devalue feelings and matters of the heart. The research findings contained in this website challenge the separated viewpoint and shows that we are all intimately and continually connected through our heart Our hope is that this will become accepted by society and heart-based living will become the norm. 


It will connect people and encourage compassion and equality

With a new sense of being connected to others through our hearts we will more readily form bonded relationships and notice that we have more in common than we had realised  with other people - not just our loved ones. This will reduce the fear of difference that blights our world and will encourage us to value others and treat them equally. This will create a fairer, more compassionate and caring world.

With more love and compassion in the world aggression, conflict and war will reduce.