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About Us - Our Story

Peter Granger & Claire Berry
HeartBond Founders

We founded HeartBond because we are passionate about creating and maintaining strong relationships. This really took off when we started researching heart-to-heart connection. We discovered that we are all profoundly connected through our hearts and we realised that this knowledge has huge implications for wellbeing and happiness .


We started our work by carrying out scientific research, literally from our kitchen table. Through hundreds of experiments we have developed a much deeper understanding of how relationships work. We have a strong belief that many of the problems that humankind is facing can be solved through the power of open and loving hearts. We are therefore developing a range of techniques and strategies to integrate our research discoveries so that we can provide practical guidance for those who wish to connect more effectively with the people around them, at all scales of relationship.

HeartBond is a small organisation that we created to showcase our scientific research and show our commitment to enhancing relationships. We are partners in business as well as life, so we have plenty of experience of the day to day challenges and triumphs that life can deliver. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our research and its applications.


Peter's Biography

I received a degree in Geophysics from Southampton University, UK in 1981. I then worked for a seismic contractor in Libya and South Africa before joining BP where I was involved in oil and gas exploration. Having enjoyed working as a seismologist, and been part of the team that discovered some giant oil fields West of Shetland in the UK, I felt a calling to better understand psychology, with a particular interest in creativity. In 1992 I set up and ran a successful training company that delivered business creativity and innovation courses to a variety of industries.

Wishing to dive deeper into psychology, in 2006 I became a trainer and relationship counsellor with the Psychology of Vision organisation.  It was during my training that I noticed distinct physiological changes when I connected deeply with other people, and it was this phenomenon that I set out to investigate.  By simultaneously measuring the changing heart rate patterns of two people who are in a relationship, I have made two highly significant discoveries that I believe will transform our understanding of psychology, relationship dynamics and the nature of consciousness. I have since developed a smartphone app to streamline the research and allow anybody to experience and practice heart-to-heart connection for themselves.

My latest book Connected Hearts, tells the fascinating story of the heart synchronisation research and describes the incredible power of the heart to heal us and bring us together with the people and things we love.

Claire's Biography

I always wanted a career in education because from an early age I was excited by the power of education to inspire and change lives. I received my degree in education from Manchester University in 1985 and spent the early years of my career teaching, first in London, and then in Essex, before taking a break for a few years when my children were born. 

Over the following twenty five years of my teaching career I was a member of staff at two schools in Essex and I completed my Masters in Education. During this time I developed myself through roles as an assistant head and later stepped in as acting head during a challenging time at the school. I then used this leadership experience to take on a position as a headteacher of a small primary school, from which I have recently retired. 

Working in schools, and in particular in leadership, has provided me with many opportunities to connect with children and adults. Throughout this time I was supporting Peter in our research during the evenings, weekends and holidays. This gave me an understanding about how our bodies and minds respond to positive relationships and challenging situations. During my teaching career I was privileged to have been welcomed into the lives and issues of families in my care. I successfully applied our research findings to enhance connectivity and support the relationships that filled my working life.

I am now working full time with Peter at HeartBond and I am creating a practical guide to creating and maintaining positive, heart-centred connection in our lives.

Peter and I are both HeartMath coaches, using heart-centred biofeedback techniques to help our clients build greater resilience to stress and the challenges of modern living. We live in Essex, UK from where we parent six children and one, often muddy, golden retriever!

Media Enquiries:  Peter and Claire are available for interviews, conference presentations, business presentations, and articles for newspapers, journals and magazines.

We can offer content in the following areas: Relationships, Consciousness Studies, Psychology, Psychophysiology and Heart-Centred Living.

Heartbond Ltd, 2 Millfield, Barnston,

Great Dunmow, CM61LH


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