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Beta Testing

Help us to test a radically new type of app and be part of a ground-breaking scientifc breakthrough

Thank you for showing an interest in becoming a beta (unreleased) tester for Heart Bond.

This innovative app is still in its experimental/developmental phase. We are looking for users who would like to try the app and provide us with some feedback, so we can improve it for the full launch. We also need users to see if they can replicate the scientific discoveries that have come from our research. 

Please Note: Although we have done our best to make the app stable, it could crash or have non-optimal functioning on some devices - of course, this is why we are beta testing!

More About the Beta Testing...

Objectives of Beta Testing

Heart Bond is a completely new type of app, developed from five years of research, that compares two user's physiology in real-time. Because of its innovative nature we are asking beta testers these types of question:


1. Does the app work on your Android device? In theory the app will work on over 5000 different phones, but there are differences between manufacturers. Heart Bond is demanding of both the software and the hardware and we would like to know how well it preforms on different devices. 


2. Is is clear how to use it? We are employing  Wifi-Direct to connect the phones and transfer the data, and the camera to measure heart rate - is it easy enough to connect and then use the camera? How clear are the instructions to start a session?


3. How do you find the session and the displays? Do you enjoy experiencing the bonding? What about the summary displays? What about the user interface in general?


4. Given that Heart Bond introduces a completely new piece of knowledge to most people (heart connection) - do the help areas of the app and our website explain the technical background well enough?


5. Do you have any suggestions for how we can improve the app and let people know about it?

6. Most importantly of all! When you use the app, are you able to replicate our scientific research results. Have a look at our science page. Are you seeing the astonishing synchronisation in heart rate variability we have recorded both locally and non-locally? Do let us know how you get on by emailing us - thank you. 


You can install the app by searching Google Play for Heart Bond. You can place feedback directly on Google Play or through our email contact on this site:

Please Email Feedback about Heart Bond

If you do become a beta tester, thank you for supporting us. We hope that it will be an inspiring and enjoyable experience and that one day, if it becomes big and helps people connect better in their relationships, that you will be able to say you were one of the first to use Heart Bond!

* Android is a trademark of Google LLC


About The App

Introductory Video - Please be patient while it loads


Heart Bond is a new and groundbreaking app that will show you the power of your heart to connect you with a partner, family member or friend.

- Runs on two Android* phones.

- Based on scientific research.

- Fun, inspiring and enlightening.

- Measures and compares two heart rates simultaneously to show you the strength of bonding in a relationship.


- Shows how your love can raise your partner's, family member or friend's heart rate.

- Helps you build happier and more successful relationships and to have a heart-centred life.


- Allows you to contribute to research into heart connection. 

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