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Privacy for HeartChat App

HeartChat measures one or two people’s heart rates, analyses the changing heart rate variability patterns and displays scores for self-regulation and synchronisation with another person in real time from any two locations.  It also offers a video chat option with the inclusion of the HRV and synchronisation information.


Heart rates and data transfer - HeartChat measures heart rate for one or two people using a Bluetooth LE heart rate monitor (provided by user) for each person. The heart rate data is read by the app and then sent to a web-based, third-party, real time data transfer organisation (PubNub) and is then distributed to one or both users depending on app option chosen. Only the primary (Host) and secondary (Guest) users can see the data that is displayed.

No heart rate data is stored on the PubNub servers. Heart rate data is analysed on board the app and displayed to the user(s) in various ways. Raw and analysed heart rate data  is stored during a single session in the phones memory in order to display session data but is then deleted at the end of each session.

Camera and Audio – The option to include video chat with the heart rate data uses a third-party software plugin (Agora) to transfer video and audio data between two users. No video or audio is stored on the Agora server.

Health & Safety

HeartChat is a leisure app and should not be used for medical or health assessments. If you have any concerns about your health you are advised to consult a qualified medical practitioner.  

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