HeartBond Local App
Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

HeartBond Local analyses the heart rates of two people in real-time and displays their degree of bonding. The app can be used for measuring the quality of connection within a relationship or to help users build stronger and happier relationships.

Heart Rates Recording and Data Privacy - Our policy is to keep your personal heart rate data and session results private to you and the other user. Heart rates are measured using two Bluetooth LE heart rate monitors, provided by the users. The heart rate data is read by the app and the data is processed entirely on the smartphone. No data is transferred to an external server. This means that all data is held privately on the smartphone and is only visible to the two users. Heart rate and other analysed data are stored in a file for each session in the smartphone's memory and this can be accessed and deleted by the user.

No user data is transferred by the HeartBond app to any third party. Some user data is obtained by the either Google LLC or Apple Inc. for analytical purposes (for instance, number of downloads, usage time or number of crashes) depending on the platform that the app is download from, but these platforms cannot access user heart rate data or results. Automatic updates of the app can be accepted as new versions are released by the developer.

There are no adverts on the app.

Medical Disclaimer

This is app NOT a medical device and should not be used for medical diagnosis. If you have any medical concerns, particularly around the health of your heart, seek professional medical advice and DO NOT use the app.


Developer: Heartbond Ltd.  Email peter@heartbond.co.uk