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Biography - Peter Granger


Peter received a BSc. in Geophysics from Southampton University in 1981. He then worked for a seismic contractor in Libya and South Africa before joining BP where he was involved in oil and gas exploration. Having enjoyed working as a seismologist, and been part of the team that discovered some giant oil fields West of Shetland in the UK,  Peter felt a calling to better understand psychology, with a particular interest in creativity. In 1992 he set up and ran a successful training company that delivered business creativity and innovation courses to a variety of industries.


In 2006, and following a challenging period of his life, Peter came across the Psychology of Vision organisation and their heart-centred psycho-spiritual model. This provided him with a deep understanding of relationship dynamics and is where he discovered a passion for helping people to understand and deal with their emotional issues as well as find more meaning in life. During his training, Peter had noticed distinct physiological changes when he connected deeply with another person. Not only was he able to measure the changes, but he has gone on to make a series of ground-breaking discoveries about the synchronisation of heart rate patterns in bonded relationships. These discoveries have the potential to change our understanding of psychology, relationships and the nature of consciousness. Peter taught himself to code, in order to develop an innovative smart phone app that allows anybody to experience and practice heart-to-heart connection for themselves.

Peter’s book Connected Hearts, tells the fascinating story of the heart synchronisation research and describes the incredible power of the heart to heal us and bring us together with the people and things we love.

Peter is married with six children. He lives in the countryside of England and loves art, nature and the outdoors which he regularly explores with his wife and often very muddy retriever dog.

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