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Heart Connection App Coming Soon

It has been a while since I posted a blog because I have been very busy developing a mobile phone app to allow two or more people to compare there heart rate variability in real-time from anywhere on the planet. This has been an enormous task from me because I am not a programmer and I have had to learn how to code from scratch. It is also a huge technical challenge to transfer data around the world in real time! I am pleased to say I have a prototype working and am now working on making it user friendly.

The first app offered will be for research purposes, to let anybody with a little bit of IT knowledge to run their own experiments. Once we have this running we will look to offering a public app that will allow people to see how their heart rates correlate but also to help them enhance their sense of connection with partners, friends, parents, children and colleagues.

I am also beginning to share the research results in the UK. Tonight I am presenting the research to the London Quantified Self Meetup which is a group of people who measure and track themselves in order to become healthier and happier and because they enjoy learning about the patterns that life throws up.. It will be interesting to see what they make of my work as it might open up a whole new area in terms of measuring vital statistics or two or more people simultaneously. I also hope that I might start meeting people who can help me with the technical aspects of the app.

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