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At HEARTBOND we aim to bring together the best scientific evidence in the areas of physics, psychology and physiology with human experience so we can better understand and improve the quality of relationships. Here is how we have come to understand the fundamental importance of the heart in a happy and successful life. 


We Are All Connected

Physics tells us that everything in the Universe is connected.  We have individual bodies, but our psyche is part of a greater, connected consciousness. We can think of having a higher mind, soul or spiritual self, which we can access and benefit from at any time.

Love Opens Our Hearts To Connection

When we feel love for somebody, our hearts open and this connects us through the greater consciousness. This can happen when we are with someone at close proximity or when we are further apart.


We Can Choose To Embrace The Power Of Our Hearts    

We can choose to live with an open heart, become more present in our relationships and experience more love.  Everybody can embrace the power of their heart to improve their own relationships and help build a more compassionate, caring and happier world.  

A video that summarises our approach    

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