Heart Bond

Connecting hearts for happier relationships

Did you know that you are naturally connected to the people you love through your heart?
If you have ever fallen in love, or loved somebody deeply, you will know that incredible feeling of connection and have sensed that it comes from the heart. Scientific research has now confirmed that love is indeed felt by the heart and that two hearts will beat as one when they are in a loving, bonded relationship. This site and our work is dedicated to championing heart connection and helping people to embrace a heart-centred and happier life.
Here is an example of how the heart rate patterns of a married couple synchronise in a bonded relationship.
Our own research has shown that love has the power to communicate beyond our normal physical senses and even when we are separated physically. The implications of this discovery are far-reaching and radically changes how we know ourselves and our relationships. 
It is evident that we are continually communicating our thoughts, feelings and intentions to other people and they are doing the same with us. Of course this has a profound impact on the quality of our relationships. Not only can we understand why we might suffer in our relationships, if we fail to recognise this invisible communication, but we can see that we can have happier and more successful relationships simply by opening our hearts in non-judgemental and loving ways.  
In this site you will find lots of information and practical advice about heart connection and communication and how to live a heart-centred life. We also describe the the ground-breaking science that underpins our work and how this has enormous implications for our understanding of the human condition.
With the help of Heart Bond, our free Android*  app, you can experience heart connection with another person and and use it to increase the strength of the loving bond in your relationships.
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