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Two hearts connecting in love

Connecting Hearts...
      Connecting People

At HEARTBOND we have discovered a way of
measuring and monitoring connection in relationships

 Our research shows that when we are in a positive, loving relationship that our heart rate patterns synchronise in profound ways. We have developed an app that allows us to see this connection in real time.   

We believe that our discoveries could transform the quality of human relationships and create a happier and more meaningful world.

Ground-breaking scientific  discoveries about heart-to-heart connection


Discover the extraordinary power of your heart to connect you in your relationships

Learn about the HEARTBOND approach to embracing a heart-connected life

“Two souls with but a single thought,
two hearts that beat as one”

John Keats

An example of the synchronisation of heart rate patterns between two people in a bonded and loving relationship

New Book!


Listen to my first podcast interview as a guest where I describe our heart synchronisation research and its profound implications for our understanding or psychology, relationships and consciousness...



The podcast starts with an interview with two members of the IONS team who research and champion energetic connection - my interview starts at 45 mins - Enjoy!


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