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An Amazing Conference and Astonishing Experiment!

It's taken me a while to write this latest update to the news section because I have been very busy since coming back from California. I presented the distant heart entrainment research for the first time formally to a very enthusiatic audience and this has resulted in a number of important contacts. I am speaking with a few people in California who have a common interest in the heart research and we are already sharing our data and planning collaboration. This was the aim of my trip - to share our data and seek collaboration and if possible others to replicate our work.

The data I and my research team have recorded challenges our current scientific paradigm - that we are essentially independent and isolated entities. Our nonlocal heart correlations (see Science section of this site) point to the possibility that we are intimately connected through love to other people and that this allows us to communicate them in non-sensory ways. We still need to confirm our results by getting others to replicate them and start exploring the possibl mechanism that would make this possible. With the contacts we made the plan is to seek this replication.

While I was in California I ran an experiment with my wife who was back in England. We were over 5500 miles apart and simply feelnig love for each other while we simultaneously recorded our heart rates. One of the result graphs is shown above. My recorded heart rate is shown in blue with my wife's inverse of the high frequencies that are contained in her heart rate variability waveform in pink. We are currently thinking of the 1/HF measure as an estimate of 'the power of love' she was feeling based on the idea that our heart rates change in a smooth and regular pattern when we are feeling love and postive emotions, but become noisy and dominated by high frequencies (they become jagged and change abruptly) when we are feeling fear or the absence of love.

As you can see the two graphs correlate well (they broadly rise and fall together) for much of the experiment. This could mean one of two things - that there is another external field, perhaps the earth's magentic field, or radio waves controlling both of our hearts (something we plan to run experiments on to determine if this is the case), or our love is communicating around the globe by some as yet unknown mechanism. We still feel intuitively that it is the latter, but we must do the science to confirm this.

So this is the progress so far. Do contact me if you have any questions about what we are doing.

Remember how powerful your heart is - it can change the world by the love you project, and it will also bring you happiness as the love reflects back to you. In my next posts I will discuss a model for consciousness that can explain how the heart entrainment could be working and in subsequent posts explain how we can use this model to improve or relationships and become more conneted in love.


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