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2024 - Time to Release the Power of your Heart

Healing Relationships and Heartbond Research

 Sometimes the messages come to us symbolically!

Christmas and the New Year can bring up mixed emotions. It can be a time of joy where we can take the opportunity to connect with family and those we love and to disconnect from work and daily concerns. However, it can also be a time of difficulty where we become aware of relationship issues and challenges with the people close to us or who we interact with in our lives.

January as the start of a New Year, can be a time when we are glad to back away from challenging relationships and the inner conflict that they can bring. It can also be a time where we may look to repair or improve relationships for a better, happier life in the year to come. Over the last ten years at Heartbond we have carried out hundreds experiments that show that we can connect heart-to-heart with another person, and have the power to significantly improve the quality of our relationships.  We have been able to see that each person can create a coherent heart pattern through deep and resonant breathing. This smooth heart pattern can be combined with a loving intent which we can pass onto others. We can make our heart happier and healthier, and we can use this gift to benefit others.

You may well have already experienced the power of your heart to repair and re-bond relationships in your life. Our research has shown how this works. We are continually communicating energetically with the people on whom we place our attention. Our research has added empirical science to a timeless knowledge about the power of loving connection that many people have used and known about since the dawn of time.

Using the power of your heart, here is a simple five-point list of how you can pour love and healing into your relationships.

1.     Write down the 5 parts of your life where you are at your most authentic and most powerful.

2.     Keep this list somewhere that you will notice it. Be creative with your choice. You could use it as a bookmark, stick it inside the bathroom cabinet or even put it above your tv.

3.     Every time you see the list give yourself a moment to read what it says and own your strengths. Try not to rush through this process but take time to say well done to yourself.

4.     Take at least five minutes every day to remind yourself of your power. Think about times when you know that you have shown your strengths and recognise that this power appeared when you opened your heart, became fully present and connected deeply with another person or experience.

5.     Once a day call up this power from your heart. Visualise the person with whom you would like to connect. Focus on sending them your love. This could be visualising good times that you have spent together, laughing with them, holding their hand if it is a more intimate relationship, or giving them a hug. If it is a less intimate relationship, feel your respect for them and gratitude that they are in your life. Wish the very best for them.

Repeat this as often as you can. Use the power that you have within your heart to heal yourself and to reach out to others. They will feel your love, no matter where they are, and you will feel much better as well!

Have a successful and happy 2024 by remembering the power of your heart every single day.

Claire & Peter

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