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The Evidence For Non-Local Heart Entrainment Grows

Since my last post I have been busy running more experiments and developing my software to allow me to work out how two heart rate variability signals correlate and to see if we can show that the correlations change when we either focus on another person, or lose the focus. To do this I have compared the beat to beat changes in heart rate in real time for two people who are focusing on each other to varying extents.

The results have been very interesting and we can now show that the longer period correlations (of say 1-2 minutes) that I have shown examples of in the Science section of the website are made up of many small changes in heart rate that are also in many places correlated. In other words the hearts appear (our data is noisy) to be entrained beat-for-beat over short periods. During other periods the correlation is lost. If we are seeing communication between two hearts then this suggests that 'connection' is an episdoic phenomenon - i.e the entrainment comes and goes, perhaps depending our our ability to hold somebody in our minds/hearts for a period of time.

Here is an example of a short section of data that shows what I am describing. It shows the heart rates for my wife and I as we felt love for each other while separated by a distance of 7 km., in two villages and without any sensory information being passed between us. Notice the very good correlation close to the 10 second time scale bar. If you would like to see a time-lapse video of the whole experiment please go to

I recorded my feelings and level of focus on my wife by videoing my screen with a narration as I ran this experiment and therefore know that my stronger feelings of connection coincided with my wife's higher heart rate - something we have seen repeatedly during our experiments. The signal in blue on the video is the inverse of my high frequency from my heart rate data. This is a good measure of how much loving focus we have. The results of this experiment suggest that our loving intent is communicated in a non-sensory way, even over large distances. We are running more experiments to confirm this extraordinary possibility.

Here is another example, this time at a shorter distance of separation - 25 metres apart in two buildings and again with no sensory feedback. In this video you are seeing a very obvious correlation of our heart rates as we felt love for each other.

The research is continuing and we are bringing in other couples to increase our sample size. I have also developed the software to allow three experimenters and this will allow us to run some interesting control experiments where two people focus on each other and the other does not. I am also writing a book about the research and its implications. Keep connecting - it looks like it is a natural part of who we are!

Bye for now.... Peter

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