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Making Connections

I had a very enjoyable evening at the London Quantified Self Meetup where I also presented my research into heart entrainment. Judging by the number of questions and suggestions I received, it seems that the audience were very interested in the subject. The nonlocal heart rate variability correlations I have recorded are difficult to explain scientifically and need much more research to both prove that they are showing heart entrainment and that this is related to the degree of bonding in a relationship. Thank you to all who attended the meeting and made suggestions. If you are interested in measuring your vital signs and relating these to aspects of health and fitness, I would recommend the Quantified Self groups that meet all over the world to exchange research and ideas.

I continue to work on the app - there are still several major technical hurdles to get over but I think that they can be solved. I would imagine that the app will be first released as a research tool for a relatively small group of people. After this, and if the research proves encouraging, we will plan to release it more generally. I will keep you up to date with progress through this blog.

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