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Heartfelt connection is the key to a happy and fulfilled life and we find this through our relationships. Here we bring together our research discoveries about the heart with psychology, coaching and spirituality to help you connect better in all your relationships

How To Connect With Anybody


Focus Your 

Our heart synchronisation research has shown that we connect best when we become fully present with another person.


Avoid distractions, make eye-contact and pay full attention to the person you are trying to connect with. 


Open Your

Your open heart has an immense power to give and receive love and positive intention.


Breathe deeply into your heart and trust in its power to bring more connection and meaning to your relationships.  

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Feel The

As you become present and open your heart, feel love and positive emotions for the other person.


Feel their love for you and know that your hearts are beating in synchrony. You will now be profoundly connected.  

...but what do you do when relationships
are more challenging?

We all know that it is easier to connect with some people than others and that relationships can be challenging. By considering relationship connection from three perspectives - Self, Others and Higher Mind, we offer you a number of Tips & Techniques to help you with the three main steps in connecting.   


While your heart is immensely powerful, there may be times when you find it hard to keep it open and connect with others. This can often be traced back to emotional issues and difficulties in embracing self-value and self-esteem. Let us give you some help in these areas...

Tips & Techniques


Self Care

Journal your day and be honest about how much time you give to yourself.


Include at least ten minutes of peace, contemplation and 'you time' in your day. Also take some time for meditation. Make these a priority in your day.  Taking care of yourself is the first step in connecting more effectively in your relationships.



A resonant breathing pattern is one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce stress, open the heart and connect with others. Current research shows its benefits.


Try breathing a little more deeply through the nose and lengthening the breath slightly. Aim for about 5 secs in and out - whatever is comfortable for you.  

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Commit to regular exercise as often as you can.


Set a daily achievable goal for exercise. Spend some time outside and connect with the natural world. This could be feeling the sunlight or a breeze on your face, looking at magnificent tree, or connecting with a wild animal.  Fresh air, the great outdoors and exercise are great healers!


Our research shows that your natural state is one of connection and love through the heart, but that this can easily be lost, particularly in challenging relationships. The good news is that there is much you can do to avoid the emotional triggers that will close your heart and that are common in all relationships. Here are some practical things you can do to keep your heart open and connect more fully... 



Tips & Techniques



You might find it hard to stay fully present with somebody in a relationship. Either of you may be distracted, there may be difficult issues to discuss or you may find them boring! Look past these issues and see the person for who they truly are - somebody like you with their own fears and insecurities and who is probably defending their heart. Your positive presence will help them and bring connection to the relationship.



Many relationships are more about transmitting than receiving!  Become an expert listener, and make this listening from the heart. 

Notice the other person's words, but also their body language and sense what their heart is communicating to you. Our research shows just how aware our hearts are, providing us with valuable information about the people around us. If your heart open you can lead a relationship into more meaningful levels of connection.


True Power

If you find yourself feeling powerless in a relationship, you are likely to close your heart as a way of defending yourself from emotional pain. If this happens, remind yourself just how powerful your heart is in bringing love back to difficult situations. You can also connect with another person's heart at a distance, making it much easier to relate with them when you next meet in person. 

Higher Mind

Our research suggests that we are all connected by an energetic level of consciousness which we are calling the higher mind and that love is our natural state of being. We enter this state when we open our hearts and connect. You may understand the higher mind as your unconscious, your intuition, or perhaps as your connection to the spiritual or the divine. Whatever your belief in a greater power, we believe that love is the most fundamental aspect of our humanity.


In the Tips & Techniques section you will find ways of accessing this important part of your self to help you open your heart and discover more meaning and happiness in your relationships...    

Tips & Techniques


Handing Over

Occasionally your relationship issues might overwhelm you. In such cases it is time to let go of trying to solve the issues yourself and hand them over to your higher mind or, if you have a faith, to the spiritual or a divine power. Know that your heart, with its profound intuition, has a connection to a greater source of wisdom and inspiration. As you hand over, your heart will open and you may be surprised how your issues begin to ease. 



A central theme of a heart-centred life is service - helping others without any expectation of receiving anything in return. Practice ' small acts of kindness' whenever you get the chance. Notice how uplifted you feel and realise that you are connecting heart-to-heart as you do this. Not only will the other person feel great but so will you! 



Trust is one of your most powerful gifts. Know that your heart has access to an abundant source of love, grace and healing and that you can bring this to any relationship. Trust your heart with its tremendous wisdom and its ability to help in seemingly impossible situations.  The more that you can trust your heart and see its benefits in your life, the more confidence you will develop in its power.

More Tips & Techniques Coming Soon...

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