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Film Trailer for Deconstructing Sentience is Out!

It is some time since I last wrote on the blog because I have been busy doing more heart rate variability synchronisation research, writing a scientific paper that will be published this spring and developing apps to allow anybody to experience heart-to-heart connection. You can try out the apps for free on Google Play (for Android phones at the moment), Search for Heartbond or Heartful.

I have also been filmed for the Deconstructing Sentience documentary by Kristin and Chris Gilespie that brings together many of the scientists, philosophers and mystics who share the belief that we all possess a higher level of consciousness that connects us through love. The film features my ongoing research into heart rate variability synchronisation. You can see the trailer by visiting the website or click here:

The artwork for Deconstructing Sentience is by Rafael Aranjo and is built on Golden Ratios and Fibanacci Numbers.

I am also busy preparing for a social coherence research day with a group of HeartMath UK volunteers how are going to reproduce/replicate my research and see if they can get similar results to my relatively small experimenter sample used to date.

Once I have some results I will publish them on this blog.

Back to the coding!...Bye for now...


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