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We All Need Connection To Be Happy

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Hello, it’s been a while since I wrote a blog. A lot has happened since Jan 2020! We have all experienced a global pandemic and seen the world change itself dramatically in the intervening years. We have watched as conflict and war has erupted in Europe and are seeing a steep rise in mental health issues, especially among the young. We are also witnessing the impact of the destruction we have wrought on the planet and its fragile ecosystem in more violent weather and environmental disasters. Never has it been more important to review where we are heading as a species and what we might do to solve the problems that we are facing.

Every problem that we face, is at its core, a relationship problem

In life, every problem that we face, is at its core, a relationship problem. It could be the relationship we have with ourself, with a significant other, within a group or organisation, with another nation or with the planet itself. In every case if we have a problem in a relationship we will know that somewhere we have disconnected and tried to exist separately from people and nature. That is why my work, and indeed my life is now dedicated to helping people reconnect in all their various relationships. This is always about getting out of the head and back into the heart – the only place where real connection can take place. Despite the obvious issues with disconnection and separation that we see in the world today, I am heartened by the number of times I am now hearing people use the word connection in their conversations. I think that during the lockdowns of the pandemic and with the growing disillusionment with materialism, that many of us are now yearning for more meaningful connection in our relationships and in life. I do think people are ready for a new approach to life – one that is more about heart and connected groups and communities.

Many of us are now yearning for

more meaningful connection in life

In the years I have been away from the blog I have been busy completing the first phase of our heart-to-heart synchronisation research, writing my book about it and its applications to relationship building and starting to share the scientific and therapeutic discoveries with the academic community and the public. I have just put a short video on YouTube that demonstrates the power we all have for loving, energetic communication in our relationships using the heart, and if it inspires you, can I ask you to share the link below with anybody who you think might be interested? Together we can build a more heart-centred, caring and compassionate world. Video: Your Amazing Heart!

If you would like to read my book, you can find it on and I have also just started to use social media to spread the message of the heart connection research and its critical importance to our understanding of psychology and relationships. This has been a steep learning curve, so bear with me as I get up to speed with the technology and posting! You can find my Twitter, Instagram and YouTube links at the top of the website.

Thanks for reading!

Heartfully, Peter

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