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Heartbond App Launched!

Heartbond App - New!

Sorry for being away from this blog/newsletter for so long - there is a good reason... As you may remember I set myself the huge challenge of making a smart phone app that would allow anyone to experience the amazing feeling of heart-connection for themselves. As I couldn't find a developer who was interested in helping me I ended up teaching myself to code! It has been a huge learning curve and technically very demanding, but the good news is that Heartbond is now available on Google Play for Android phones (I-phone version will require finding an ios developer) and its FREE. Search for Heartbond. It is in what they call an Unreleased form, which means you can install it, test it and if you wish, leave feedback for me about it so I can improve it. Of course, the app is still in development mode so please be patient with it.

So what does it do.... in essence, it connects two user's hearts on their phones, both running Heartbond. The app measures your heart rate patterns and compares them to show how bonded you are. You will be able to see how you loving intention affects the strength of bonding in realtime. It's an amazing thing to experience. Watch a short video about the Heartbond app here>>

The app will also act as a citizen research tool to allow many more experiments into heart rate variability synchronisation ( the technical term for what we are doing). I hope that people will share their own results via the community forum I have set up the website.

I know that I missed a couple of comments on my videos in Youtube due to being rather snowed under with developing the app - so apologies for that. I am happy for readers to link any of my material with their own work or share it on social media as long as its source is acknowledged. My greatest wish is that the public become aware of how powerful and connected the heart is, and that this translates into happier and more successful relationships.

Bye for now... I now need to do lots of work to promote the app so it gets used! Please feel free to share all about it on social media - thanks.


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